Our Commercial Property Management Services

Owner Services

Services that we can provide for our Owners can be any or all of the list below.

  • Maintain a custodial account
  • Collect Rents & Security Deposits
  • Pay Insurance Premiums
  • Pay Real Estate Taxes
  • Periodic walk-through of the property to maintain properties condition
  • Get Quotes and order work to be done when needed
  • Send monthly financial reports to the Owner
  • Run background & credit checks on potential Tenants
  • Maintain utilities (either by paying or ensuring Tenants are paying)
  • Maintain relationships with Tenants (including but not limited to taking maintenance requests, handling any complaints, etc.)

Tenant Service

Application, Background & Credit Check

“My property has been managed by the Renfrow team for almost two decades. They helped me buy it and have managed it ever since. John and his amazing administrative assistant Jackie are over-the-top skilled at what they do. They keep me informed, they put up patiently with my endless disorganization, and when they say that something needs to get done, they do it! To boot, they are really nice! Don’t tell them this, but if they were to announce a management fee increase, I wouldn’t blink an eye!”

- Colleen Scissors